What They Say


Paula as a designer brings with her a wealth of creativity, front line expertise and a whirlwind of exciting activity. Paula as a person has the exceptional ability to listen to, inform, guide, enthuse and empower all those around her.
— Suzie McMillan, The Lifestyle Agency

It became very quickly apparent to me that Paula was someone whose talent, vision, attention to detail, energy and genuine commitment to deliver distinctive client service was unrivalled
— Sharon Peters | Residential Project

Their creativity and solutions orientated approach was a breath of fresh air from the outset, and Paula’s ability to listen to your thoughts and concerns and translate both the known, and here’s the really clever part, the unknown ideas into reality, was amazing to behold. It is unusual in any walk of life to find someone who can do both the strategic big picture vision and also the intricate detailed planning, but Paula covers that entire spectrum, brilliantly.
— Gillian King | Residential Project

I have to say, from the number of different organisations I have worked with, it has been a really great pleasure to have worked with you guys. You understood our business and needs and addressed them effectively throughout the running of our project. I know you have gone out of your way, some times for crazy requests/queries, to provide your service and guidance with professionalism and humour
— Renuka Palmer, British Council